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Barbie doll

Posted: October 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

A father remembers that his daughter’s day. Enter a toy store and asks the clerk:
– How much is the Barbie doll in the window?
– We have: Barbie in gymnastics – euro 19.95, Barbie playing volleyball – euro 19.95, Barbie shopping – euro 19.95, Barbie at the beach – euro 19.95, Barbie dance – euro 19.95, Barbie divorced – 265.95 euro
The man, astonished, ask:
– And why divorced Barbie cost 265.95 euro?
– “Barbie divorced” has: Ken’s Car, Ken’s House, Ken’s rod, Ken’s Furniture, Ken’s Computer …


King and the servant

Posted: October 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

King and servant are hunting on the castle. Servant (looking through binoculars towards the castle):
– Sir, I think we should inform you that she is in company of a gentleman.
– No, you’re wrong. Lady told me that receives a visiting friend. Give me binocular.
He looked to the castle, then tells her servant
– This is not sufficiently powerful binoculars. Give me the sniper rifle.

A former cop at fishing

Posted: October 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

A policeman passed in reserve, which was bored, decided to deal with fishing. He bought books, fishing rods, he got the bait and went to the pool. After 4 hours of waiting, he manages to catch a small fish. Furious, the policeman, out Fish hooks, grabbed his mane and begins to draw hands:
– Tell me, where are the others! Tell me where are the others …

Crossing a street

Posted: October 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

Crossing a street, a farmer is struck by a car, but nothing happens. However, the driver puts a few coins in his hand to reconcile things.
Very happy peasant tells the driver:
– Pass through our village often?